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Designing Project-Based Learning

for Online, Hybrid, or In-Person Classes


This is a three day workshop designed to introduce the idea of Project-Based Learning in any environment. Participants that enroll will learn PBL through experience, by participating in mini-PBL units that emphasize student-centered pedagogy. Participants will also learn about integrating Competency-based assessment into PBL projects to ensure that they follow state standards. Finally, participants will partner with each other to collaborate on a PBL unit at their schools.






August 18-20, 2020

The workshop will start on a Friday afternoon (4-8) and go through Saturday & Sunday (9-4)



Online (Zoom)



  • The first day will be a mini PBL unit that has an Entry Event, milestones, and final product that is shared with a public audience. We will also begin using design thinking to start brainstorming viable PBL ideas.  

  • The second day will offer time to understand each facet of High Quality Project-Based Learning. We will walk step-by-step through the process to ensure that units are engaging, focused on standards, student-centered, and rigorous.

  • The third day will get into the nitty gritty of hammering out the details of a PBL unit. The final product of this workshop will be a PBL unit that participants will attempt with their students. Participants will establish partnerships to collaborate with each other throughout the design and implementation process.


What you get:

  • Free resources to kickstart your PBL journey

  • Expert instruction from seasoned PBL educators

  • Ongoing support from other participants in the workshop

  • Tools to create unforgettable learning experiences for students in any environment (online, hybrid, or in-class)

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