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In November 2018, a book I co-authored titled, Open Up, Education! How Open Way Learning Can Transform Schools was be published by Rowman & Littlefield. It makes the argument that schools need to open themselves up through collaboration, freely exchanged knowledge, and an innovation ethos to stay relevant in the information age. Soon after its release it became an Amazon bestseller for Experimental Education Methods and has since been used by educators across the country to shift the cultures and methods of their schools.

Below you will find a selection of blogs, articles, and books I have authored or contributed to. They focus strongly on projects I have developed and stories from my educational career. Enjoy!

Open Up, Education!


A book I co-authored about the need to use open methods in schools to ignite innovation

Truly Open Education


This is an article about the implications of open source learning on the American education system written by Adam.

Our Grandchildren's Watershed


A blog about a project I designed that integrated Service-Learning with Project-Based Learning and cultivated water quality awareness in students.

The Spitting Llama Blog


This is a blog I kept during my travels through South America

When Teachers Run the School


This is a story about Francine Delany New School, which is run by teachers and part of the teacher powered school network.

Open-Source Learning in Action


A blog that describes how using community mentors and project-based learning, a rural high school is opening up opportunities for its students.

48 Hours to Change The World


A blog that describes an innovative two-day schoolwide challenge that paved the way for our out-of-the-box approach.

The Gap Year Advantage


I was a contributing author on this book, where I researched and wrote descriptions of over 100 gap year programs and interviewed gap year alumni

Powerful PBL Ingredients


A blog on how to use a public audience to raise the stakes of your projects.

From Teacher to Learning Guide


A blog about the unexpected surprises in the transition to student-centered learning at Tri-County Early College.

Finding the Sweet Spot


A blog about finding purpose and sustainability in the pursuit of success

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