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Professional Development


Professional development for educators

I can help schools prepare for potent remote learning, distributed leadership, Project-Based Learning and Competency-Based Learning

business development

I can help businesses develop strategic plans, develop their staffs, build powerful teams, use the design process, or re-brand

Program DESIGN

I can help bring your vision for a school or experiential education program to life

Light Bulb

Professional development for educators

  • Project-Based Learning

  • Remote Learning

  • Competency-Based Learning

  • Authentic remote learning

  • Teacher-powered schools

  • Open Way Learning

  • Arts Integration

projects & experience

  • Virtual Session @ Friday Institute Conference

  • RTI Conference on Innovative School Design

  • Arts-based PBL for Clay County, NC

  • Open Way Learning @ Catamount School

  • Teacher-powered Schools National Conference

  • Teacher-powered Schools learning collaborative facilitator

  • Panelist for EDNC remote learning design process


business development

  • Business Planning

  • Online meeting facilitation

  • Strategic planning

  • Teambuilding

  • Digital Media / Branding

  • Staff development

  • Design process

projects & Experience

  • Authored business plans for Pioneer Project & John C. Campbell Folk School's Gap Year program

  • Spearheaded online meetings @ Tri-County Early College

  • Developed 5 year strategic plan for Pacesetters & assisted with strategy @ Carolina Mountain Solar

  • Designed community building trainings at Carpe Diem Education, Pacesetters, and Pioneer Project

  • Re-branded / oversaw marketing at Tri-County Early College, Pacesetters, Pioneer Project, and Carpe Diem Education

  • Spearheaded Design Thinking integration at Tri-County Early College

Digital Work Life
Illustrated Map

Program DESIGN

  • School design

  • Outdoor programs

  • Gap Year programs

  • Curriculum design

  • Marketing / Brand Development

  • Training staff

projects & experience

  • Co-founded Pioneer Project & Open Way Learning

  • Assisted in re-design of Tri-County Early College

  • Oversaw wilderness programs for Pioneer Project, Tri-County Early College & Pacesetters

  • Designed a Gap Year program for John C. Campbell Folk School

  • Coached many teachers in Project-Based Learning and experiential curriculum design

  • Designed staff trainings for Carpe Diem Education, Pioneer Project, and Pacesetters

Prog Des
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