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For Students

Google Classroom
  • Enrollment code for Biology: zabebuc

  • Enrollment code for Earth & Environmental: ivt4pe

  • Enrollment code for Media Makers: os6uyog

  • I will use this tool as my primary means of posting projects, rubrics, and other essential class information.  Therefore, students would be well advised to check it every day for important updates they may miss otherwise.

CK12 (Biology sign-up; Earth & Environmental sign-up)
  • I have put together many resources for students to learn in depth knowledge about every standard in the curriculum.  It contains online textbooks, videos, and interactive activities to help students master content.

Competencies Spreadsheet (Biology link; Earth & Environmental link)
  • This spreadsheet has easy-to-read translations of each state standard and has resources that can help students master each of them.  It is a work in progress, so not every standard has resources for it yet.

School Website
  • Schoolwide project information, calendars, news, blogs, and other information are contained on this website.

  • Enrollment code for Biology: Q4RCGMG4DL

  • Enrollment code for Earth & Environmental: QHNRVRMRK7

  • This is a bunch of interactive games that teach students about course content.  Ask me for more information about how to sign up.

Challenge Questions (Biology link; Earth & Environmental link)

  • These are fun questions that push students to deeper levels of knowledge on any standard and can be used to demonstrate mastery.

Khan Academy
  • Similar to CK12, Khan Academy has many resources to help students master content in a variety of ways.

Media Making and Marketing Tutorials

For Educators

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